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How To Plan A Wedding Abroad?

How To Plan A Wedding Abroad?

Many of us dreams about our big day from a long time, and many of us have fancy idea about it. But as we grow older and  get reality checked we feel it’s impossible to make this dreams come true when considering the expenses and how much it will cost it will be impossible for most of us.  Every girl dreams about a destination wedding where you go to a beautiful country and plan your wedding near a beautiful ocean or a waterfall and have your big day with your friends and family.  Going abroad for a wedding sounds a little complicated and troublesome, but still it will make it a memorable day. When traveling to a different country to host your wedding ceremony there are some key things you have to take in to consideration, this article will guide you through this process and show you the important things you should get done before and after your ceremony.  

Legal or not. 

Laws of countries vary from one another therefore before the wedding makes sure you contact the necessary people and get to know about the laws of the particular country make sure you do this at least 5 months before your wedding day. Some countries have residency laws where they ask the couple to live certain number of days before the marriage for legal reasons.  Whereas laws of certain countries has no restriction for wedding abroad – wedding hotels in Bali offers the easiest method of hosting a wedding mainly because it is a famous wedding destination.  

Wedding Planner. 

If it’s in your country this is not essential but a wedding ceremony in a completely new place is harder than you think therefore help from a professional wedding planers is essential, make sure they are from that country and has a lot of experience on these types of situations. Make sure too keep in contact at all times and let them know what you need. It will be beneficial if you are able to travel before the wedding to check everything and meet your planner at a free place where you can have a good chat, clubs in Bali offers a wedding planner from their own hotels. Check out more here –

Flight availability.  

Make sure the flight bookings are done and because of delays plan to be at the destination at least 48 hours before if not you will have to face a lot of circumstances. And also the flight availability for your friends and family should be checked.  

Legal documents. 

This is very important, make sure you have a check list for these legal documents and you carry them with you for sure.  

How To Spend Your Summer Vacation When In College

How To Spend Your Summer Vacation When In College

When we are in college a season that we look forward to more than anything is summer. That is because this season allows us 3 months of freedom. Three months where we don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn for lectures. Furthermore, there is also no need to stay up all night doing assignments or studying for exams. However, this does not mean that you should spend your summer vacation in bed. We know that you would like nothing more than to sleep through your vacation. But this is not a feasible idea. Instead, you have to do something productive.

Explore The World
There is no better time to travel the world than when you are in college. That is because it is only during this period you would have no responsibilities. You would not have a stable job that you have to attend 5 days a work. Furthermore, you would also not have a family that you have to support. Therefore if you wish you can spend your summer at a backpacker hostel Bangkok. However, we understand that money would be a problem for some of these individuals. That is because college students are known for being broke. But it is possible for you to work whilst travelling. There are many part-time jobs that you can undertake. This would allow you time to explore the city. But you would also get the opportunity to earn some money to pay for your travels. This way you would not be forced to ask your parents for money.


Something that every company loves to see on your resume is volunteering. When I say volunteering you may be thinking about the local shelter. However, there is no need to restrict yourself as such. That is because it is now possible for one to even volunteer in different countries. This way they can stay at a hostel in Bangkok city centre whilst volunteering.


Every student’s dream is to find a job the second they graduate. However, even if you have the degree finding a job would not be an easy task. But the scale would be tipped in your favour if you have experience. Therefore that is why it is recommended for students to undertake internships when they are in college. We understand that many of these internships don’t pay anything. But you would be gaining valuable experience.
Therefore if you follow this article you would be able to figure out a way to spend your summer. We are recommending that you both relax and do something productive during this time.