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Booking A Room When Travelling: What Should Be Avoided?

Booking A Room When Travelling: What Should Be Avoided?

While the process of booking a hotel room must be very familiar to those who travel frequently throughout the year, there are some people out there who still make some common mistakes during the booking process itself. Some of these mistakes are actually quite simple to avoid: just a quick read through the following few lines will give you a general idea of what these mistakes are and the best way to ensure that you won’t make them again in future: hotels bangkok near patpong night market

Confusing Arrival and Departure Dates When Booking 

When booking a business hotel Bangkok or other major cities, remember to double check the dates which you provided for your arrival and departure. Even if there is a day’s difference in the dates, the hotel staff may not be able to do anything about it. This is important if the hotel is currently fully booked, as there is no guarantee that you may be given an extra room. 

Paying in Cash Only 

You may wonder why cash payments are not recommended. Here’s the reason: paying with your credit card at luxury hotels in Silom allows you to accumulate bonuses such as points in customer reward programs, a chance to participate in a lucky draw or even monetary discounts. Of course, not all credit cards may be given the same set of perks, but remember that paying with a credit card is still a much safer option. Check out more here

Leaving the Booking Process until a Few Days before Departing 

Any well-reviewed hotel is bound to be near full capacity at various times during the year. When you leave the booking process until a few days before setting off on your trip, you risk being left out of options, especially when talking about luxury hotels. Also, remember that booking early may allow you to avoid price hikes that occur during festive seasons and the like. 

Settling Down for the First Option You Find 

Most of the time, you will need to search for quite a while before you find a suitable room for your needs. Nevertheless, you may run into a good offer after just five minutes of searching as well. What you should do in that case is not to settle for this option straight away. Keep scouring the list for other comparable offers and see how they stack up with the first one you found out. 

Having High Expectations 

Having extremely high expectations (even when booking luxury hotels) can prove to be one of the biggest mistakes you are making. Remember that due to certain inconveniences and shortcomings, you may not always be given the best possible service during your period of stay. There are instances when your request may have been registered incorrectly, or when you may not be given exactly what you asked for. While there is a certain limit up to which you need to tolerate, don’t get angry if such experiences occur: after all its part of our life. 

What Every Hotel Should Be Offering Its Guests

What Every Hotel Should Be Offering Its Guests

Any hotel has certain facilities and standards it should be offering and maintaining within its premises. And as a customer you shouldn’t feel too bad about expecting such facilities to be offered to you either. Here are some of those facilities and conditions any hotel should be maintaining and offering, if it were planning on remaining in the hospitality industry.  hotels in luang prabang with swimming pool

The cleanliness   

Unless of course it is a cheap motel (but even that should have some kind of standard), any hotels in Luang Prabang with swimming pool or guesthouse ought to maintain top quality hygiene and standard within its premise. A place that is unclean and messy, signifies that the services offered are also degradingly low and questionable in every aspect. And you shouldn’t settle for anything less, especially when you are on a vacation away from home. So do give utmost priority to the surrounding place and environment of the considering place you choose to stay in.  


No customer would want to come to his or her room, and expect to see all their stuff gone. Not only does it show poor quality of service but it also shows lack of care for customer wellbeing and belongings, if they have to ever encounter such an experience. So not matter what kind of guesthouse it might be or if they have top restaurants or not, security is the simple basic thing any client expects to be provided with, along with the respect for privacy and confidentiality. So as a hotelier make sure you take necessary steps to ensure that these expectations are met over and beyond.  


Today being able to access the internet for any simple thing is an expectation any person in general has when they visit a café, a fast food restaurant or even a hotel. And with business clients also coming in to your hotel premises, it is only expected that high speed and quality Wi-Fi and internet access is provided. So do make sure that you provide your clients with easy access to high speed internet!  

Excellent communication service 

Work on answering the calls of your clients as quickly as you can and take necessary steps to address their complaints so that they would be much more satisfied with their stay at your hotel!  

Comfortable beds 

Your clients want comfort and the least you could provide them with is a soft bed and comfy mattress. Imagine if you have to sleep on a hard bed and have a hard night like the princess who slept on 99 mattresses with a pea in between one. No one would ever want to keep coming back if they had to spend their night like that! So make sure you equip your rooms with only the best!  

Make sure that you take extra care of each and every client staying at your guesthouse. So that they would want to keep coming back and your business would keep flourishing as well!